Cross Section of Clients

Company Site Description Value
Metainy Chelsea House New Heating & Chw installation £750,000.00
Kentex Halcrow Fancoil Htg Chw Condensate £607,000.00
Intengis Banner Street New Boiler House £20,000.00
Rotary Southern Highbury College Heating & Chw Plantroom £550,000.00
Fridgetek Curzon Street Chiller change £20,000.00
Cofely Charring Cross Victaulic joint change Heating system £38,000.00
Honeywell G-Mex New Chillers £90,000.00
Balfour Kilpatrick Hackney Heating & chilled water system £240,000.00
Crown House Cannon Street Temporary accomodation £58,000.00
Dennis Cox Senate House Chiller pipework £6,000.00
Bancroft Rio Tinto organisation Heating & chilled water plantroom £115,000.00
Capitol Environmental Millbank Risers and fancoil units £80,000.00
Vital Energi Honeypot Lane Risers and Laterals £280,000.00
Working Environments Kent History & Library Centre Boilerhouse Risers and Laterals £178,000.00
Building Service Associates Sotherbys Heating & Radiators £6,000.00
Quotehedge Lockhead Martin  New Chillers £10,000.00
Imtech Aqua West Malling    Crac Rooms £75,000.00
Heating & Cooling   Worthing Domestic Pipework £115,000.00
Scomac Whitechapel   Heating £20,000.00

Briggs & Forrester Group


Working Environments City Ltd