Pipework Pre Fabrication Services

All our welders are certified to Class 1 or Class 11 and hold current certification.
Pump rooms-Plant rooms-Boiler rooms-Chiller rooms

We believe that we excel at this type of installation. From pre-fabrication off site, we can virtually eliminate the need for on site welding with a sensibly configured plan. This can also significantly reduce the installation time on site for which our clients are extremely impressed with.


Pipework Pre-fabrication



It is our aim to minimise client disruption. From our fabrication works in Wimbledon we believe that we have achieved this by careful analysis of our individual clients needs. Appropriate portions, if not all of the projects that we are employed on can normally be pre-fabricated off site.

From complex chiller rooms and energy centres to chiller changes we can reduce down time and disruption. We welcome the opportunity of providing proposals.